Christmas Lottery 2018: Doa Manolita is left without tensions – The Province

Christmas Lottery 2018: Doa Manolita is left without tensions - The Province

The Lottery administration 'Doña Manolita' he has stayed this Thursday afternoon without tenths of his own for the Extraordinary Christmas Sweepstakes, a day before the drums start spinning at the Teatro Real de Madrid, so today you can not see the traditional long queues on Carmen Street.

As explained by the security guard placed at the door, yesterday afternoon they closed the door at 20.30 with all the tenths already sold. "This is the first time that has happened in the eight years that I am working here," he said, noting that "a lot" has been sold and online.

However, those who want to approach this Friday, can still buy by the endl "although the feeling is not the same" because they are tenths that are being sold in other administrations. "He loses some magic," said one of those who lined up this morning from 5 in the morning.

The popular administration has presented again this year the traditional queues for buy a tenth for the Extraordinary Christmas Sweepstakes, increased by "an increase in sales" after beating in 2017 "the record of prizes" distributed in one administration.

The administrator of 'Doña Manolita', Concha Corona, acknowledges in statements to Europa Press, that this 2018 sales for the draw of December 22 go "better than other years", but ensures that they always prefer "not to say figures until they do not finish the campaign. "

"The strong push occurs once the announcement comes out, and at the last minute there is usually more public attendance," said Concha Corona.

In this position, the administrator explains that "the record that was broken last year has had to encourage more" even the people and that is why, this year has the desire to "give everything". "Our own record beat it again," asks the lotera.

As for the most requested numbers, from 'Doña Manolita' highlight that "it is a curious year" for being the first in that "there is no certain number", but repeats "what of all years", those finished in 13, being "a termination that is impossible to achieve" and "finished in 5, 7 and 18", since the latter is the number of the current year.

For their part, the people waiting for the line to acquire their tenth, comment that they buy in 'Doña Manolita' "by tradition" and "because they say it's the one that distributes luck".

Many of them arrive with "commissions from family and friends" and there are for all tastes, from those who entrust their fate "to a single tenth", even those who spend "between 500 and 600 euros" in Christmas Lottery, trusting that this year "toque el Gordo".


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