February 26, 2021

Christmas had to be saved and now, the elections and Easter

Definitely, the toilets must be of another paste and their vocation of service to society is even greater than we imagined. If not, by now they would have hung up their gown and phonendo and they would have started shouting that if not everyone assumes their responsibility, then neither do they, and that this pandemic is not going to stop.

Because observing from the health services the frivolity with which they are talking about whether the elections in Catalonia can and / or should or should not be held on February 14 is a clear incitement for health workers to say: it is not fair that we have to Doing ourselves alone is not only not fair but it is impossible to solve the pandemic without the commitment of all, each one from his position and responsibility. And the next step could be to say: since nobody seems to take it seriously, we are going to rest for a couple of weeks, to see what happens. They will not do it because they are as they are, but reasons would not be lacking.

It seems that we are not clear about the priorities, anything is more important than controlling the pandemic. It also seems that all our social organization and our laws are designed to favor the virus instead of to favor society and protect its health.

That the discussion now centers on having hydro-alcoholic gel in the polling places and that people keep their distance when they go to vote, or whether people will be able to go to rallies outside their place of residence, it seems a joke before the gravity of the situation we are experiencing.

What can a health worker think and what situation is he in when he sees that patients who have been quarantined to avoid infections because they are active patients of Covid-19 are authorized to leave home to go to vote? How can you interpret the frivolity with the use of PPE by the members of the polling stations so that they can vote for active Covid-19 patients? How can the restrooms be asked, as it seems to be intended, to go to the polling places to help the poll workers put on PPE? How can you force a citizen to expose himself for a whole day at a polling station? Who will answer for the positive cases that appear in the following weeks among the members of the polling stations or for the upturn in cases that may exist?

I am aware of the force of some comparisons and resources used in this writing, but the deep feeling that I intend to express is that our health workers deserve more responsible institutions and a society in the face of the challenge that this pandemic represents. The health system is giving it its all, and the rest of society should take its share of responsibility.

The data for Catalonia seems to point to an improvement that has cost a lot of effort and sacrifice to achieve. I don’t think anything justified putting this improvement at risk. We have been wrong too many times not to have learned anything.


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