Christmas generates nearly 34,600 contracts in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

Christmas generates nearly 34,600 contracts in the Canary Islands - La Provincia

TheChristmas campaignThis year, it will generate close to 34,600 contracts in theCanary Islands, what supposes a growth of 4% with regard to the one of 2017, when there was 33.319.

By provinces, there will be more than 18,200 hires inSanta Cruz of Tenerifeand of 16,400 inLas Palmas, according to the forecasts ofAdeccoand its divisionAdecco Outsourcing.

Meanwhile, in the whole of Spain, theChristmasIt will generate more than one million contracts with an increase of 4.5% over the previous year, although it is the smallest increase in the hiring of the last ten years for this campaign.

In this way, job creation in Spain continues, but its pace of growth is experiencing a slight slowdown that will also impact on the Christmas campaign that begins on November 23 with the discounts of the 'Black Friday'and of'Cyber ​​Mondayand that will end in many cases when the January sales are finished.

After the campaign, 15% of thehiringmay be extended in the following months of 2019.

As for the regional distribution,Cataloniait will be one more campaign for the autonomous community that performs more contracts, above 186,000, which will mean an interannual increase of 5%.

Behind it, theMadrid's community, with almost 156,000 contracts, and the Valencian Community, with almost 136,000. In the case of Madrid, one of the highest interannual increases of the campaign will be produced, with 6%, while the Valencian autonomy will improve its growth by 5%. Between the three they comprise practically half of the hirings that will be made in these three months.

Above 100,000 contracts will also be theRegion of Murcia(124,000) andAndalusia(108,400), which, like Madrid and theValencian Community, they also exchange their positions on this occasion, with inter-annual growth of 6% in Murcia (the other community that will increase the hiring) and 4% in Andalusia.

The big consumption, epicenter of the campaign

Thedemand for jobsin the large consumer sector (beauty, luxury sector, electronic devices, toys, perfumery and cosmetics) it shoots up and in turn increases the offers for those profiles focused on customer service and the sales force.

In this area, the demand for workers can increase up to 75% with respect to the rest of the year (7% year-on-year increase), due to the fact that many of the companies link 40% (or even 50% depending on the product) of its turnover to the sales of these months.

Also, the sector of 'contact center'increases its hiring by 5% over the rest of the year for telemarketing and telesales positions for the telecommunications sector, mainly, and for industries as disparate as telemarketing or commercial banking.

Specifically, the banking sector strengthens its commercial area with managers for its branch network and for the Real Estate area (+ 11% with respect to the rest of the months).

With respect to the rest of the year, the distribution area and 'retail' accounts, according to Adecco, a large part of the jobs that are generated, so that their demand could increase by 13% over the previous months. If you compare your recruitment with the 2017 campaign, it is expected to increase by 4% year-on-year.

Linked to the distribution is the logistics and transport sector, which in the Christmas season increases its hiring forecasts by 10% compared to the previous months and another 8% compared to the previous Christmas campaign.

Theprofile demandin this sector it will also be linked to 'e-commerce', with an increase in hiring on platforms that cover e-commerce up to 19%.

Food is expected to increase contracting by up to 45% compared to other months of the year and 12% year-on-year growth.

Although more concentrated in the central weeks of the Christmas season, the hotel and restaurant industry will see their hiring grow by 8% between the months of December and January compared to 2017 and up to 15% compared to the previous months.

Profiles with more job opportunities

The most demanded professionals in the sector of large consumption and sales force are promoters, dependents and commercial. Also the image stewards, the promoters, the shop assistants, the tasters, the animators, as well as managers of the point of sale, with great commercial vocation oriented to customer service.

The contact center sector will also require profiles with great commercial capacity, as tele-operators to attract new customers and also for the loyalty of those who already are. The same profiles will be those demanded by the banking and insurance sector.

The distribution sector and 'retail', meanwhile, will demand employees, promoters, packers, cashiers, inventors, storekeepers or porters, while logistics and transport will look for warehouse waiters, administrative departments for traffic, preparers of orders with radiofrequency and operators. In the coastal areas, port logistics will also require stevedores and drivers of heavy machinery.

For its part, the food industry is looking for profiles such as forklift trucks, packers, food handlers, quality verifiers, line operators and waiters, both for dispatch and picking, but also for electromechanical and agricultural workers.

Finally, the increase in hotel activity will require the hiring of waiters, cooks, assistants and 'office' staff in general for the hospitality and tourism sector.


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