Christmas at the "Open Arms"

Christmas at the "Open Arms"

The Open Arms continues sailing towards Algeciras with more than 300 immigrants rescued at sea. Despite the humanitarian emergency in which they find themselves, the crew of the Spanish ship takes time to entertain the many children and give them back the illusion.

"They are being the happiest Christmas of their lives and they show it by singing and playing," says Marc Reig, captain of the Open Arms: "Yesterday we were celebrating several activities on the deck with the children, celebrating Christmas. Very happy. The atmosphere is fantastic. "Especially for the small survivors, to whom this dangerous adventure is great. Although not so much to be left without their more than deserved gifts.

The crew of the ship has taught them the traditional Catalan Tió de Nadal and although some have not understood the game, all have had their Christmas surprise. A few stories that could well tell stories like the Open Arms.

"We are giving food to 300 people. We are a bit tired because the job is hard but with a lot of enthusiasm, "says the captain. The Spanish ship that saved the lives of more than 300 people and that continues to receive supplies to Algeciras, on the way to a happy ending.


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