March 8, 2021

Christine Lagarde gets rid of having to testify as witness for the Bankia case

After getting your statement to be through a questionnaire and try to delay it until August, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and future president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, has managed not to have to testify in this trial. The Inter-Union Confederation of Credit (CIC), defended by the lawyer Andrés Herzog, has decided to renounce the declaration as a witness of Lagarde in the trial for the listing of Bankia in "in order not to cause a disturbance to the cause" .

This was highlighted by Herzog on Wednesday before the fourth section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court after having completed the expert phase of the process. Despite the fact that the CIC had remained firm from the beginning to maintain the testimony of this witness, it has finally decided to renounce this test.

Precisely this Monday, the National Court had set this July as a limit for Lagarde to respond to the questionnaire sent by the CIC, via to declare that the director of the international body welcomed after referring to his "immunity policy" and to argue the difficulties involved in declaring by videoconference, as did the former Minister of Economy and now Vice President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Luis de Guindos.

The CIC prepared a questionnaire consisting of six questions and that was received by Lagarde on June 25, although last week he said that he had received it in "poor condition", so he asked that the deadline be extended to respond to the next August 16.

The Spanish courts close their doors in the month of August, so extending the deadline for delivery of responses, which must also be translated and approved by the Ministry of Economy and Business before joining the process, meant having to wait for the less until September.

That is why, after almost eight months since the trial began, the president of the court Ángela Murillo was not willing to continue extending the process, so she decided to reject Lagarde's request and expressed her willingness to end this July. with the expert phase, which began on June 17.

End of the expert phase

However, the end of the expert phase has been precipitated and concluded this Wednesday, with which Murillo has closed the probative part of this complicated process and has set the next Monday July 22 to present the final conclusions of the Public Prosecutor's Office and the accusations.

The future president of the ECB has already shown how far her contacts and her power came when she got the French justice to release her without conviction or criminal history after being sentenced by the Court of Justice of the French Republic for "negligence" in the handling of public funds when she was minister of Economy and Finance in 2007 in what became known as the Tapie affair.

The accused, among whom is the former president of Bankia and currently imprisoned in Soto del Real for the case of the 'black cards', Rodrigo Rato, will have to go to the room for the celebration of the next session.

Thus, the expert phase of the trial that investigates irregularities in the IPO of Bankia in July 2011 has ended after four weeks of intense debate among the judicial experts assigned to the case by the Bank of Spain and proposed by the Office of the Prosecutor Anticorruption, Antonio Busquets and Víctor Sánchez Nogueras and those hired by the parties of Rodrigo Rato, Deloitte and BFA-Bankia.

This part of the process has been marked by the accusations of the experts of the parties to the judicial ones of making a reading with "retrospective bias" of all the documentation that is part of the summary of the case.

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