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Christina Rosenvinge: Many women reach artistic fulfillment at 50

Christina Rosenvinge: Many women reach artistic fulfillment at 50

Christina Rosenvinge, the artist who emigrated to the USA After meeting in Spain with the incomprehension of his first albums, he lives 20 years later a moment of personal and other celebration, materialized in the National Prize of Present Music 2018, the recent MIN Award for the best pop record and his literary debut.

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"In the book, I realized that in the case of many women there is an interruption of 10 or 15 years to have children and, when they return, they do something huge, such as Patty Smith or Louise Bourgeois. to the artistic fullness at 50, which is when the children have grown, "he reflects in a talk with Efe about his current great moment.

The reason this time is not a new studio album, after the good reviews of the previous "Un hombre rubio" (2018). Not even the compilation with which for years they tempted her, "a decadent idea and with little creativity to contribute".

On the table of the interview rests "Debut, Cuadernos y canciones" (Random House), his first book, in which he has collected all the lyrics of his musical themes since the publication in 1992 of his first solo album, "Que te break a ray. "

"It was a very important album, in Alex & Christina I wrote lyrics and melodies, but the musical genius was him and I did not participate much in the production, until I started writing alone, I did not discover that I could do that part, and then , I took off complexes, "he recalls.

Great collector of songs since adolescence, his editor convinced her to go beyond the pure anthology and contextualize each of his albums, which brings a collection of reflections, anecdotes and vicissitudes "beyond the glamor" that is presupposed to this world.

This is how he narrates, for example, the germ of songs like "You for me", the first one that ended alone, behind which lies a story of great dramatic load, but attenuated by time and narrated with the "Mediterranean humor that allows you to cope with the misfortunes. "

"Culturally I consider myself one hundred percent Spanish," Rosenvinge subscribes, daughter of Danish parents emigrated to this country in the 50s, and who started in the early 80's the world of music with Ella and tires and White Magic later, before founding Álex & Christina.

Already alone, the success of "Que me partea un ray" was followed by two albums, "Mi pequeño animal" (1994) and "Cerrado" (1997), fruit of his artistic relationship with Lee Ranaldo, member of Sonic Youth, but neither the critic nor the public seemed to understand them.

"I was in a dead end, I realized that what I was doing did not fit in. Then I was offered to participate in a cycle of singer-songwriters in a mythical club in New York, I was going for 6 months and I stayed 4 and a half years" , remember.

From that time of learning came another album, "Frozen pool" (2002), which had a lot of impact in the independent field. "That helped me to prop up and realize that I was not wrong in what I was doing," he says.

Back in Spain, a series of increasingly daring and personal albums emerged, such as "Verano fatal" (2007) with Nacho Vegas, "Tu labio superior" (2008) or "La joven Dolores" (2011), which cemented his image of artist "in the margins".

"I do not like the malditism, what happens is that I do not pursue massive success, because for the industry that means doing very chewed and simple things, there are songs that are great successes and that are wonderful, but I am more interested in being singular I would like to make songs like 'Tok tok' and have the success of Vestusta Morla, but it does not happen, "he says with humor.

Rosenvinge, who also became one of the great feminist voices of music, revealed in each work a new facet, apparently always in search of herself.

"I do not see so many Christinas or mutations, that's why I wrote the book, I see a constant line and an adaptation to time and circumstances, I have not changed that much, but I have adapted to the tools I had," he argues.

One of the main contributions of "Debut" is the essay entitled "The exact word", with which Rosenvinge claims that "lyrics are a literary genre as important as poetry or theater, although they do not have the same value, Maybe because pop music is a relatively young discipline and it's very intermingled with the entertainment industry. "

"Personally, there are songs that put you very high, it happened to me with 'Song of the echo', for example, and on the last album, with 'Afónico', which I rewrote 30 times until it came out," says Rosenvinge about his own production, on which he affirms: "I have not written the round song yet, but here I will continue until I get it".

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