March 1, 2021

Christian Gálvez responds to criticism of his show on Leonardo: "They have been calling me an intruder all my life" | Culture

Christian Gálvez responds to criticism of his show on Leonardo: "They have been calling me an intruder all my life" | Culture

The curator of the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: the faces of the genius in the Palace of the Alhajas, Christian Gálvez, has responded to the criticisms of "intrusismo" received by the Spanish Committee of History of Art (CEHA), because of his show about the Italian genius. "This is not new, I have been called an intruder all my life: when I was a reporter I was an intruder in journalism, when I wrote my first novel I was also an intruder in literature, even when I did not work on television I was an intruder as a salesman I tend to play with toys, I respect the opinion of everyone, but I do not share it, "the presenter told Europa Press.

Gálvez pointed out that "in the end, it is a criticism that a media figure promotes culture". "But I'm dedicated to that, I'm a communicator and disseminator, I'm not an art researcher, I do not pretend to sit on anything, there'll be people who want to pay for entry and there will be people who do not and there's no more," he added. .

Regarding the "lack of scientific rigor" denounced by CEHA, the commissioner has reiterated that the show is "a private initiative raised from an intellectual point of view": the democratization of the figure of Leonardo. "It's not about having a scientific goal, the luck I have is to be able to bridge culture and people," he said.

However, he did remember that the sample has the advice and support of professors, starting with the curator of the sample in the National Library, Elisa Ruiz, professor of Paleography and great expert in the handwritten work of the Florentine artist, who responsible for the exposure of the codices Madrid I Y Madrid II of the Renaissance genius, which welcomes the BNE in parallel. However, Ruiz sent yesterday to the media a harsh statement in which he says: "At no time I have 'associated with Mr. Gálvez', on the contrary, I disagree with his opinion since I met him and I have never had any relationship with him. "

"The Directorate of the BNE in March of this year proposed to me to curate an Exhibition in this venue on the two manuscripts of Leonardo to commemorate the V Centenary of his death. One Mr. Gálvez was going to make another one in the Palacio de las Alhajas. I had several contacts with this gentleman that were totally unsuccessful and incompatible for the purpose of collaboration. In the month of May, the interested party wrote against me and sent it circularly to Mrs. Ana Santos, Director of the BNE, Mr. Miguel Albero, Cultural Director, Mr. Sergio Martínez, Chief of the Exhibition Service and I do not know if to someone else, "writes Elisa Ruiz.

"When I heard of this fact, I submitted my resignation as curator of the Exhibition of the Premises of the BNE to the Directorate, and I made the mistake of not maintaining this decision at the institution's request, and I was asked to continue with the project because have no time or adequate person to do it, "Ruiz continues. He maintains that he finally agreed to go ahead but imposed three conditions: "No longer maintain any relationship with Mr. Gálvez or depend on any concept of this person, not perceive a penny for this professional work." Make my exhibition project exclusively in collaboration with the Services of the BNE ".

Be that as it may, Gálvez also defends his own training regarding Leonardo da Vinci, studying several courses at the European University Miguel de Cervantes. "Nor does it count the self-training that I have on Leonardo since November 2009. What can we do? Is it little training?" I'm sorry, but let's be clear that in this exhibition there is scientific rigor, what happens is that they are not criticizing the contents, "he stressed.

In any case, Gálvez has celebrated the various samples of support received in recent days. "I have experienced brutal acts of generosity in social networks, from colleagues to professors of art history, professors or students, that's what I'm worth," he added.

"When it comes to democratizing the figure of Leonardo and trying to get people's knowledge, it seems to provoke debate, because if destructive criticism makes all media talk about art, welcome," he concluded.

At the same time, the director of the BNE, Ana Santos Aramburo, has indicated that the institution has detected an increase in the number of cards and visitors to other exhibitions after inaugurating the exhibition curated by Ruiz at the BNE and by Gálvez at the Palacio de the Jewelry Santos has highlighted that, since its inauguration, on November 29 and until December 7, 5,539 people have gone through this exhibition -which ends on May 19, 2019- "and this is assuming an increase in visitors for the rest of the exhibitions ".


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