Christian Gálvez leaves Twitter before the premiere of ‘High tension’: “Criticism will fall, but I will not be there to read it”

Christian Gálvez has made a drastic decision before the broadcast of the first ‘High Tension’ program tonight on Telecinco. The presenter opens a contest on Telecinco, but previously you have chosen to close your profile Twitter, in which he has more than 413,000 followers, as he has expressed in a statement on the social network.

“I have been several days (actually, years) in which I try to find the right words to comment on my decision on Twitter”, begins by writing the presenter, who explains what has led him to leave the network: “When I entered here, there by 2010, It promised to be a very interesting place, a hotbed of good vibes, to share things in common, to celebrate the successes together and support each other in the failures, those historical events from which one learns the most. ”

However, he acknowledges that “all that fell apart very quickly.” Although he claims to have “savored the applause on many occasions and I have also suffered criticism,” he adds: “When you observe all this from a distance, you realize that what people applaud is an image that they have created of meVery few of you know Chris. Not to Christian Gálvez, to Chris “, affirms bluntly.

“After so much sadness, so much death around me (in my case, many losses), I have decided to be happy, enjoy what I do and not always have the cruel Twitter thermometer on my shoulders“, reflects the driver, who does not believe that Twitter” reflects reality “or at least” not all. ”

“I’m still too optimistic, but this is not a healthy place,” adds the presenter, who prefers to enjoy the premiere of his new contest away from comments: “After so long away from TV, I want to go back and enjoy, be happy while the adventure lasts. Criticism will fall, you will rain comparisons or you will praise our work, but I will not be there to read it “.


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