May 14, 2021

Christian Democrats, Centrists, and Greens Form Historic Coalition Government

The Irish Green Party confirmed today in a vote its participation in a historic coalition government with the centrist Fianna Fáil and the Christian Democrat Fine Gael, the two formations that have shared power in this country since its creation almost a century ago and rivals since the Civil War (1922-1923).

Just over two-thirds of the nearly 2,000 “green” affiliates who voted, the minimum required, did so in favor of the government program agreed to two weeks ago by the three leaders, more than four months after the general election.

The centrist Micheál Martin, head of the opposition so far, will assume the position of “taoiseach” (prime minister) in an emergency session of the Lower House (Dáil) to be held this Saturday, replacing the Christian Democrat Leo Varadkar, who has planned to relieve him of office in the second half of the new legislature.


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