Christian Bale: "If I did not dedicate myself to this, people would say that I need help" | Culture

Christian Bale: "If I did not dedicate myself to this, people would say that I need help" | Culture

Christian Bale, on November 30 in Beverly Hills (California). In video, the trailer of the movie. WireImage

Christian Bale belongs to that rare breed of interpreters who, like Robert de Niro or Daniel Day Lewis, are capable of transforming themselves into someone else. And not only in the psychological. In your case, the change is also purely physical. The actor, 44 years old (Haverfordwest, United Kingdom, 1974), also changes as a person. One day he seems a violent guy. The next, he seems the sweetest father of a family. Bale has such an unexpected personality that the only surprising thing about the Golden Globe that he won on Sunday for his role as Dick Cheney, US vice president with George Bush Jr., was not the victory but the closed English accent with which this Welshman, who many consider to be American He received the award. The movie, The vice of power, is released today in Spain, and it could take the Oscar to the best actor.

The only thing that does not change is his attire. "What I'm gonna say? I like black and I hate shopping. When I find something that I like, I hunt, "he jokes. Nor change size, despite its famous ease to gain weight or lose weight according to the character. The secret? Wear clothes with elastic at the waist. That he did during his last transformation, when he gained about 20 kilos to get into the body of one of the most vilified politicians in American history. "[Adam McKay, el director] He told me to find someone without charisma and hated by everyone, "Bale said when picking up the trophy. And he said it with irony for a role that he knows will place him "in the corner of the despicable ones".


The funny thing is that, much as he thanked "Satan" for the inspiration he gave him to get into the flesh of the Machiavellian vice president, Bale looks at his work with affection. "Adam is the one with the global vision. He is my director and he knows what he wants to tell. I dedicate myself to my character. And the more I study him, the more I understand him. Think what you think of your political ideology We must admit that Cheney He has a good pair of balls, "he says.

Bale has always been an interpreter full of contradictions. While the quality of its interpretation evokes the famous method, the only preparation of this precocious actor without studies of dramatic art was given his debut in a softener advertisement. And his work in Spain with Steven Spielberg in The Sun's empire, when I was 13 years old So he was not sure if he did it for love of art or feeding his family. Now that part of her work is clearer: "It is a privilege that has given me an incredibly interesting life", she acknowledges. It does not say that there are no bad moments, those in which the film does not go where he would want. "It's a collective effort," he recalls. "But I've done some very good ones. Y The vice of power is one of them. Hilarious and terrifying One of the most fascinating films in which I have had the opportunity to work. "

If it had been for him, Bale would never have incarnated Cheney. Always insecure, he did not look on paper. But he was asked by McKay, the man who directed him in his third Oscar nomination with The big bet (2015). And Bale decided to be his canvas. "I had all the Cheney here I needed, "he says as he shows his phone, where he downloaded all the images he could of the former vice president in the George W. Bush era to understand a character he did not get to know. And not for lack of desire. "I was discouraged from the legal department," he says. It was also a blank page for the makeup team that almost gave it a new shape every day until they found Cheney.

"It's the only way I know how to work: giving everything," he sums up. "I have to know everything to be able to improvise and make suggestions if the moment requires it," he adds. He can not hide that he is also what he likes most about his work. "The opportunity that gives me the means to behave obsessively but without getting wet. A behavior for which, if it were not for being an actor, people would say that I need help, "he laughs, already stuck in his new body, that of race driver Ken Miles for his next film: Ford vs. Ferrari, about the rivalry in the sixties between the two teams.


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