'Cholo' is reunited with its owner ten years after its disappearance – La Provincia

'Cholo' is reunited with its owner ten years after its disappearance - La Provincia

Something more than ten years is what has had to wait Cholo to return to their home, to the arms of their owner. The history of this French bulldog is not unusual: it has a happy ending. In 2008, the owner denounced his disappearance and it did not help that the animal had the identifier chip with the data of its owner, because, in all these years, no one has contacted her to return her pet.

After more than ten years nobody expects to recover his dog and, precisely, this is what happened. Everything has been thanks to the work done by the volunteers of the Refugio de Animales k9, located in the south of the island, who used Facebook to spread the photo of Cholo and make your story known. On the 9th, a publication was uploaded to this social network in which they explained that the animal had appeared during the weekend of Reyes tied outside the shelter and asked for help to try to locate its owner, as the data contained on the chip they did not match anymore.

" Cholo He had been denounced as missing in March 2008, almost 11 years later and since it is an old junk they leave it lying there without further ado. Humanity is the worst !!! ", he said in the image to add:" We are calling its owner, but it does not respond to any of the phones and the landline is now a company, so it does not have that number. "" If you remember to see any publication or know its owner, let him know that his puppy is still alive and that he is in k9, "he said.

Only one day later the miracle was being carried out: the owner of this French bulldog was located and this was announced by the volunteers of the Refugio de Animales k9 in this social network. "The owner is located, thank you all for sharing the power of Facebook," they said in the new publication.

The history of the disappearance of this French bulldog has not only managed to move Internet users, but has brought to light the good part of social networks, because this publication was shared 505 times, has 43 comments and 236 likes.

Solidarity can be made so great through social networks that, in the afternoon of yesterday, workers of the Animal Shelter k9 published an image of Melania hugging her dog Cholo "And the expected and great encounter has arrived", explains in the photograph to add: "After 10 years Cholo and their owner are already together again, where they never had to separate. "

"Cholo will finally have the life he always deserved and not the one stolen by some soulless people almost 11 years ago, "they comment to conclude:" Day today of many emotions and tears ".


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