May 25, 2020

Chivite receives the Unesco equality prize for Navarra in Paris

The president of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, received on Friday the Unesco Award for Girls and Women's Education with which this UN organization recognizes the work on equality that the Skolae program does in schools.

At an event held at Unesco headquarters in Paris, Chivite collected this award, endowed with $ 50,000, which has also distinguished the Sulá Batsú cooperative in Costa Rica.

Unesco acknowledged that the Skolae project "empowers students so that they can decide on the future without gender conditions" and also allows schoolchildren "to identify inequalities, fight against them and exercise their individual right to equality."

Chivite – accompanied by the Minister of Education, Carlos Gimeno, and a representative of the program, Amelia Fernández de Monje – considered in a speech to collect the award that "we must continue breaking the glass ceiling for women, and education is the most powerful instrument for this. "

The Navarrese president, who stressed that she is the third consecutive female president in the Community of Navarra, thanked the creative team of the program for launching it and its current managers for their efforts to consolidate and expand it.

The ceremony was opened by Unesco's general director, Audrey Azoulay, with an intervention in which she recalled that "working for the education of girls is not only a matter of rights, but also of benefit for societies."

Speaking to the press before the ceremony, Chivite stressed that the award "is a recognition of a work that the previous government began, a brave and risky commitment to coeducation, equal education and co-responsibility."

For the Navarrese president, the Unesco award – financed by China – "supports this commitment that we want to implement in all the centers supported by public funds, that means the public and the concerted ones".

"This award will give us that strength to implement it in all centers," Chivite was convinced, who also explained that there has already been at least one other autonomous community that has shown interest in the program and is collecting information on its implementation.

"If the communities want to make a brave bet, they have the Government of Navarra willing to provide all the knowledge we have acquired," he said.

Chivite recalled that Skolae has been "heavily criticized by the right," but responded to that "criticism is socially outdated. Society wants to advance in equality and the best instrument for that is to advance education."

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