July 30, 2021

Chivite defends the transfer of Traffic as a right of the Constitution: “It is not an assignment to nationalism”

This has been expressed in the Europa Press informational breakfast in which Chivite has appealed to UPN to return to the “historic consensus” of defense of Navarra’s self-government that “has always existed.” In this sense, he has claimed the support of his government partners, Podemos and Geroa Bai, and the rest of the formations.

However, Chivite has denied that the Civil Guard will leave Navarra, although it has explained that it will be dedicated to other functions. “I encourage those who manipulate the truth to commit to it,” he stressed.

Therefore, he has insisted that this transfer is part of the Spanish Constitution and has encouraged the rest of the formations to speak with “respect and education” of the Magna Carta.


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