May 18, 2021

Chips in the human body: what are they used for? – The province

Chips in the human body: what are they used for? - The province

Although it seems like science fiction or a future still to come, there are countries like Belgium or Sweden that already have people with embedded chips in your body. This practice, usual in pets such as dogs, is used in these countries with different reasons.

On the one hand, in the Belgian country the digital marketing company NewFusion launched this system in some of its employees. It is a microchip that has the size of a grain of rice and is implanted at a shallow depth between the thumb and forefinger.

In this way, workers who carry the chip are identified to enter the company through this innovative system. They only use it to access exclusive places and not to monitor the movements of individuals.

However, this use of chips in humans has become extremely popular in Sweden, where more than 3,000 people they have one built-in In this Nordic country, users of this futuristic system use it for practically everything: from going to the gym to taking a train.

Although inserting the tiny utensil can be painful, what really worries about this use is the possibility that the data of each one is exposed. But this does not seem to be a headache in Swedish territory, where there is a large passion for technological advances and very little fear of the violation of personal information.


Ben Libberton, microbiologist at the Swedish radiology company Max IV Laboratory, warns of the consequences these implants can have, since they can generate "infections and reactions of the immune system".

Likewise, Libberton puts the focus on the use of personal information of each: "the most important risk concerns the data: at this time, the data collected and shared by the implants are not very numerous but that will probably increase".

"If one day an implant can detect a medical problem in the person who carries it, who will be notified and when, will the insurance companies obtain information about our health?" The researcher states, adding that "the more data there is in one place, as would be the case of an implant, the greater the risk that this will be used against us ".

But all this does not prevent the new technology from being successful in Sweden. According to the promoters of these chips, which ensure that it is totally passive and safe, there "people are not afraid of technology and would say that there is less resistance to new technologies here than in most countries."


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