Chinese with restaurants in Medellín donate food in popular neighborhoods

A group of Chinese citizens, owners of 58 restaurants located in Medellín, delivered food and toiletries on Thursday in a popular neighborhood to help vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thousands of kilometers from his home country, Hualiang Liang led this initiative that brought together Chinese restaurants in the city to donate 600 markets in order to somewhat alleviate food shortages during the quarantine.

"Right now we are here because of the good hearts of all the Chinese restaurants in the city, that we campaigned to make a donation of 600 packages," Liang told reporters.

Some of the Chinese benefactors, protected with masks and in the company of the Colombian Police, walked the steep streets of the Jorge Eliécer Gaitán neighborhood, in Comuna 6 of Medellín, and aroused sympathy in the community during the humanitarian activity.

According to Liang, the intention is "to support during this pandemic to make it a little bit easier", that is why they joined forces from the gastronomic sector "for a campaign carried out by the will of the Chinese colony that is in Colombia."

Men born in China, the country where the coronavirus pandemic originated, delivered food and hygiene products to "shake hands with those most in need," a gesture that the beneficiaries rewarded by giving away shirts of the Colombian soccer team, worn by foreigners amid applause.

The head of Prevention and Citizen Education of the Metropolitan Police, Deisy Aponte, pointed out that the aid provided by the Chinese colony will reach "priority sectors", where communities that need food live, according to a census carried out by the authorities.

"This group of foreigners has united and united to contribute to this great need," said Aponte, adding that "they themselves have gone to acquire the items they donated."

In Medellín, the dramatic shortage of income from the coronavirus quarantine faced by vulnerable populations has led to disorder, protests and looting to claim humanitarian aid.


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