August 5, 2021

Chinese media defend the "just" arrest of former president of Interpol

Chinese media defend the "just" arrest of former president of Interpol

Official Chinese media today defended the arrest of former Interpol president Meng Hongwei, accused by the Chinese authorities of receiving bribes, and criticized the Western media for his "lack of respect" and "disrespect" for the "strong anti-corruption campaign that is taking out the country. "

"The Western media hasted to deliberately talk about Meng's 'disappearance' to attack the Chinese political system despite the Chinese authorities properly reporting on their situation," says an editorial published by the official newspaper Global Times.

Meng, Chinese Vice Minister of Public Safety when he was elected president of Interpol in 2016, disappeared after boarding a plane to China on September 25, at which time his family stopped hearing about him and his track was lost.

After several days of silence and in the face of international pressure, which demanded explanations from China about his disappearance, the National Supervision Commission (the Chinese anti-corruption body) confirmed his detention and reported that he will be investigated for receiving bribes.

"The criticism of the Western media is due to their lack of respect for Chinese law because they do not understand China's anti-corruption campaign.If China's legal system differs from that of the West, they arrogantly consider these differences to be 'flaws' 'of our system, "said the media.

The newspaper also emphasizes that Meng, as an official of the Ministry of Public Security, "is subject to the just scrutiny of the National Supervision Commission", that the law establishes that he can be investigated for his alleged crimes and that his position in Interpol " it is a shield "to escape Chinese laws.

"The comprehensive promotion of the rule of law is a national policy established since the XVIII National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and since then, China has launched a broad campaign against corruption, which has brought great changes and has been a milestone in the country, "says the Chinese media.

This campaign, adds the newspaper, is being carried out according to the "Chinese realities" in order to establish "a stable and clean environment for the exercise of public power."

The Ministry of Public Security revealed in a statement Monday that Meng's investigation was opened after detecting that he accepted bribes and violated state law, a behavior that has caused "serious damage" to the party and to national security.

Now, the authorities will continue to investigate Meng's illegal behavior and will persecute those who participated with him in committing these crimes "that will not go unpunished."


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