June 14, 2021

China's exports suffer their biggest drop in two years

China's exports suffer their biggest drop in two years

Also, Chinese imports in December totaled 164,190 million dollars (143,179 million euros), which represents a fall of 7.6% compared to the figure of the previous year.

However, in the year as a whole, Chinese commercial relations reached a record value of 4.62 trillion dollars (4.03 trillion euros), exceeding by 12.6% the figure for 2017, with a growth of 9%. , 9% of exports, up to 2.48 trillion dollars (2.17 trillion euros), while imports increased 15.8%, to 2.13 trillion dollars (1.85 trillion euros).

However, China's trade surplus in 2018 reached 351,760 million dollars (306,762 million euros), 18.3% less than in 2017.

"China effectively addressed changes in the international environment during the past year and foreign trade maintained stable growth, reaching a record peak in export and import volume," customs agency spokesman Li Kuiwen told a news conference.

In this regard, the spokesman of the General Administration of Customs of China stressed that trade cooperation with countries that are part of the initiative known as 'Belt and Silk Road' have become the new force that drives development of China's international trade. "


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