Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

China’s diagnostic change triggers affected numbers

The blackest day: 13,500 more infected and 254 dead in a single day

With 13,500 cases of infected more than hit, almost 10 times more than in the previous day, and 254 deaths, double that Wednesday, yesterday became the blackest since a new coronavirus epidemic broke out two months ago which has already caused 60,000 infections in China. Although the figures, which represented a reality bath, responded to a change in the criteria to diagnose the now called COVID-19, raised doubts about what really happens within the province of Hubei, epicenter of the infection and where a the day before the first daily decrease in the numbers of those affected had been reported. That, not to mention the increase in deaths.

According to the new protocol, from now on we will no longer have to wait to test positive for nucleic acid, but that any patient who shows signs of pneumonia when having a CT scan (a lung scanner) will swell. the growing list of affected. This new methodology responds, according to the Chinese National Health Commission, to the slowness in obtaining results with the current trials – it took between one and two days – and the shortage of equipment to carry out these examinations. This will allow the infected to be isolated more quickly and “receive timely treatment,” they said.

That is the main objective to achieve. Above all, in the province of Hubei where the outbreak originated and accumulates more than 1,300 deaths and almost 50,000 cases of the total infected in China. There, millions of people remain in quarantine without being able to barely leave their homes and undergo house-to-house controls to detect infected. For many, some of these drastic measures have meant more of a patch than a true solution to a totally overwhelmed situation that Beijing has blamed on local authorities. Precisely, to prove it to its citizens, the central government – now in charge of managing the crisis – took off two heavyweights from the province yesterday: the secretary general of the Communist Party (CCP) in Hubei, Jiang Chaoliang , who will be replaced by the current mayor Shanghai and Ma Guoqiang, secretary of the Party in Wuhan and who will be replaced by the head of the CCP in Jinan.

In the surrounding countries, governments continued to impose containment measures to stop the spread of the pathogen. To the mandatory quarantines for citizens arriving from mainland China in Hong Kong and that of cruise ship passengers docked in Japan, another was added in Vietnam. There, 10,000 inhabitants of a locality will be isolated after five cases have already been detected.


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