July 23, 2021

China Xiaomi teams up with Ikea to create "smart homes"

China Xiaomi teams up with Ikea to create "smart homes"

The Chinese manufacturer of phones and technology Xiaomi has announced a new partnership with the Swedish chain IKEA to offer products that create "smart homes", local media reported today.

Thus, from December, Ikea's intelligent lighting products will be connected to the Xiaomi intelligence platform so that customers can control them with the voice assistant from a mobile application.

"Xiaomi and Ikea share a similar mission to improve people's lives, and the global partnership will help accelerate the development of the smart home industry in the world," said the director general of "internet of things" technologies. "(IoT, in English) of Xiaomi, Fan Dian, quoted by the official newspaper China Daily.

For its part, the Swedish chain of furniture and household items stressed that its alliance with Xiaomi will create a "perfect" experience for customers around the world, who can improve their daily lives thanks to new technologies and digital solutions .

"We set out to create smart products for many people, making them really affordable and easy to understand," said Bjorn BlocK, Ikea's Smart Home Department, to be successful.

Founded in 2010, Beijing-based Xiaomi has created one of the largest IoT platforms for consumers in the world, with more than 132 million devices with artificial intelligence, not including smartphones and personal computers, according to the company. .


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