China timidly encourages Wall Street

China timidly encourages Wall Street

The parquet New York lived on Wednesday a shy day of increases encouraged by the possibility of achieving the expected trade agreement between the United States and China, but held back by economic data less positive than expected.

Investors are looking forward to the new round of dialogue between Beijing and Washington that starts on Wednesday in the US capital, after the meetings between delegates from both countries progressed "at a good pace" last week in Beijing, according to the economic adviser of the White House, Larry Kudlow.

Kudlow said today before several media that China has recognized during the talks several of the issues that Washington accused him, such as theft of intellectual property which, according to the person in charge, has favored the "good negotiations".

According to local media, both powers are tying the last strands of this pact after having resolved most of the pending issues and could reach an agreement in the coming days.

According to the chief economist of the Spartan Capital Securities group, Peter Cardillo, "a commercial agreement is a victory for the United States and the global economy."

"This will lift the big cloud that covers the global economy," said the expert quoted by CNBC.

At the end of the session in the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones added 39.00 points (0.15%) to 26,218.13, while the selective S & P 500 rose 0.21% or 6, 16 units up to 2,873.40; while the composite index of the Nasdaq market, rose 0.60% or 46.86 whole, to 7,895.55 points.

As a counterpoint to the bullish mood, the advance below the expectations in March of the services sector, which reached its slowest pace in a year, and the level of employment in the private sector, which increased by 129,000 payrolls, below Expectations, weighed down the rises of the indices, that yesterday lived a dull day.

In the day of today, in the group of the Dow Jones Industrial highlighted the decline of 1.54% of Boeing, after knowing that the pilots of the model injured last month had followed the protocols established by the company, and 0, 94% of Walgreens, which lowered its annual expectations after a weak second quarter.

On the positive side, the firms that made the most progress were Home Depot (2.21%), Intel (2.02%), Goldman Sachs (1.70%), Dow (1.12%), Apple (0.69%). %) and Microsoft (0.65%), among others.


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