Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

China reopens 500 cinemas, just 5% of the total

In China more than 500 conference rooms have already been reopened cinema coinciding with the fact that the outbreak of coronavirus It is receding, although the ticket offices are still minimal since the public remains away, according to the state media CGTN (China Global Television Network, ancient International CCTV).

The chain states that last Friday 486 cinemas were already operating and, this Monday, the financial publication Caixin He said the number had risen to 507, which represents less than 5% of all rooms open before the virus outbreak. The remote Xinjiang province; Shangdong, a coastal province that lies between Beijing and Shanghai; the southern landlocked province of Sichuan; and two populated coastal regions, Fujian and Guangdong, which border Hong Kong, are the ones that have dared to challenge the pandemic.


Income remains minimal as the public stays away for fear of coronavirus

Cleaning group prepares to disinfect Wuhan train station

Cleaning group prepares to disinfect Wuhan train station

Still, national revenue on Friday totaled less than 2,000. In Fujian and Guangdong, not a single ticket was sold, and that this Monday, China no longer reported new local cases of the virus, although it confirmed 39 infections brought from abroad and nine more deaths, all in Wuhan, where the virus had its epicenter.

Most of the movies available today are replayings of recent and popular Chinese movies, a move meant to minimize risk. China Film Group, the main state distributor in the country and the official distributor of all hollywood movies Imported, revealed last week a list of titles for which it would endorse launches in which exhibitors keep all revenue. These included Green book Y The purpose of a dog.


A small number of other titles are expected to launch in the next two weeks.

A small number of other titles are expected to launch in the next two weeks, including Into The Rainbow, a 2017 China-New Zealand co-production that was originally slated to launch in China in mid-January.

The Chinese authorities announced on Tuesday that they will withdraw the ban on leaving the city imposed on residents of Wuhan, the city where the pandemic of the new coronavirus originated, which has left more than 380,000 people, starting on April 8. infected and more than 16,500 fatalities.

From April 8, people in Wuhan will receive authorization to leave the city and Hubei province, in central China, if they have a green health code, which implies that they have not had contact with any person infected with coronavirus or suspected of having been infected, as explained by the provincial control office of COVID-19 in a circular. Other areas in the Hubei region will withdraw exit restrictions starting March 25, according to the note from the provincial health authorities.

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