July 30, 2021

China proposes tightening the law to avoid new vaccine scandals

China proposes tightening the law to avoid new vaccine scandals

Chinese authorities have presented a bill on vaccine management to achieve stricter supervision of the sector to avoid new scandals that damage the confidence of citizens in the health system, local media reported today.

The State Administration of China for Market Regulation has published the bill on its website, where it requests opinions until next November 25, after the controversy generated at the end of July for a case of adulterated vaccines.

The draft stipulates that the supervision and market management of vaccines should be "stricter", especially during the production and distribution of these products.

It also warns that illegal behavior, such as the manipulation of data, will receive severe punishment.

In July, the authorities detected that the Changsheng Bio-Technology pharmaceutical company had used expired materials in the preparation of lyophilized vaccines against rabies for human use and did not correctly record the dates or serial numbers of the products at least since 2014.

Then a national inspection was initiated for all the vaccine manufacturers in the country, in which no additional problems were found, and a fine of 9.1 billion yuan (about 1,300 million dollars or 1,100 million euros) was imposed on Changsheng.

The case unleashed a wave of distrust among Chinese citizens towards their health system, which on other occasions has experienced other examples of drug adulteration.

In October of last year, Changsheng was already fined $ 500,000 for the poor effectiveness of another 250,000 vaccines against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus, forcing the authorities to carry out a massive recall of these products and to remake the vaccine to more than 200,000 children.


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