China opens borders in full explosion of covid infections

China face the biggest wave of infections coronavirus since the start of the pandemic. Talk about about 37 million daily infections.

The virus has gone out of control. Los hospitals are overwhelmeds. Thousands of citizens die every day infected by the virus. But the Chinese government refuses to give official data.

Spain calls for caution when traveling to China after the increase in covid infections and the lack of medicines

The country's authorities have spent years trying toThe unsuccessful way to reach Covid 0 in the country. Now they give up on getting it. and have decided reduce quarantines, open the borders and allow its citizens to travel to internal destinations, which can worsen an already very fragile health system in rural areas of the country.

And also to foreign destinationswithout caring that the virus spreads again.

Europe evaluates coordinated measures in the face of the rebound in covid cases in China

In Italia are already done Covid tests for all passengers from Chinaafter two flights to Milan arrived with almost half of the travelers infected by the virus.

The United States, Japan and Malaysia require negative tests to passengers from China. Thailand and Australia are also studying new restrictions.