China launches the first ship that will land on the hidden side of the Moon

China launches the first ship that will land on the hidden side of the Moon

The Chinese space probe Chang'e 4 took off from Earth on December 7 with the aim of making the first landing of the story on the hidden side of the Moon, scheduled for early January. The ship took off on top of a rocket Long March 3B from the Xichang satellite launch center at 18.23 GMT. It is composed of an orbiter and a lander, which will develop different experiments in a region of the lunar surface that remains basically unexplored until now. The Moon is blocked by the Earth, so it takes time to turn on its axis the same time it takes to orbit our planet. That way, from the Earth you can always see the same face of our satellite, informs

The opposite side always looks in the opposite direction to Earth, which makes it difficult to establish communications. To solve the problem, China launched the Quequiao satellite in May, which remains at a point of stable gravitational attraction beyond the Moon and will now allow communication with Chang'e 4.

The planned landing site is the 186-kilometer Von Karman crater bed in the South-Altken Polar basin, one of the largest known impact craters in the Solar System, measuring 2,600 kilometers in diameter. Chang'e 4 is equipped with eight instruments, including camera and spectrometer. It is intended to obtain details about the composition of the surface and also layers in the subsoil, with the aim of explaining the different appearance of the hidden face of the Moon in front of the side we see from Earth, much less uneven. Radio astronomy observations will also be made.


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