October 25, 2020

China forced to clarify that an online program does not serve to divorce

China forced to clarify that an online program does not serve to divorce

Authorities in Jiangxi, a province in southern China, have been forced to deny that local couples can complete divorce proceedings through a mini-program of Alipay, China's largest online payment platform, China's state newspaper reported on Tuesday. Plus.

This announcement comes after the launch of a new feature in Alipay that allows obtaining a digital certificate of divorce to couples who have divorced in Jiangxi.

This service generated controversy in social networks, with detractors who pointed out that this function would lead to a wave of divorces due to its apparent simplicity, said the Chinese digital.

Therefore, the authorities in Jiangxi have been forced to clarify the controversy surrounding the new digital tool, which will not substitute in any case the regular divorce proceedings.

"The 'Alipay divorce certificate' is no more than an electronic version of another physical certificate, and can only be generated after couples have completed their divorce process," said Luo Tiejun of the Department of Civil Affairs of the provincial government. .

In this sense, both electronic marriage certificates and divorce certificates are "as legal" as printed documents, added Luo.

Developed jointly by Alipay and the Jiangxi Government, the mini-program provides around 110 electronic services in the province, such as bill payments and access to medical appointments.


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