June 21, 2021

China Donates $ 200,000 and Health Supplies to Cuba to Treat COVID-19

Cuba received a check for $ 200,000 on Monday and the first batch of a donation of medical supplies sent by the Chinese government to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

This shipment from the Asian nation that arrived last Sunday in the Cuban capital includes 200,000 masks, 10,000 surgical masks, 2,000 disposable suits, 500 infrared thermometers, 2,000 protective glasses and the same number of pairs of surgical gloves and isolation shoes.

In the official delivery of the donation to the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, the Chinese ambassador to Havana, Chen Xi, said that the island and his country are “two brother nations” and affirmed that “solidarity will continue, despite the difficult times, “according to the state-run Cuban News Agency.

In announcing the arrival of the Chinese donation, the Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez, stated that “it is a sign of the close friendship that unites us.”

“In times of pandemic, solidarity and cooperation save lives,” Rodríguez highlighted the foreign minister of the Caribbean island in his profile on Twitter.

He also expressed that the Government and the Cuban people “appreciate it.”

Previously, Foreign Minister Rodríguez had transmitted Cuba’s thanks to China for the bilateral cooperation they maintain in the area of ​​biotechnology.

As an example of this exchange, he mentioned the use of the Cuban antiviral drug Interferon alfa 2B recombinant (IFNrec) as part of the treatment applied to COVID-19 in the Asian nation, where the epidemic originated.

This donation also includes 10,000 sanitary suits and the same number of protective masks delivered by the Yutong automotive transport company, whose buses are the fundamental support for passenger transport on the island.

Last week, Cuba denounced that the embargo that the United States applies to the island had prevented the arrival of a donation of masks, ventilators and tests to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, sent by the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

The Cuban ambassador in Beijing, Carlos Miguel Pereira, had reported that a US transport company hired by Alibaba declined to touch Cuban ports because of the extraterritorial measures imposed by the economic, commercial and financial embargo decreed by Washington in 1962 and reinforced by the current administration of President Donald Trump.

Cuba and China, led by parties of communist ideology, maintain close relationships in which the Asian country stands out as one of the main allies, the second commercial partner of the Caribbean island and collaborator in various technological development projects.

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health reported today 30 new positive cases for coronavirus, for a cumulative of 350 positive, while nine fatalities are already reported.

Cuba is in a pre-epidemic phase due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Government, which has ordered measures such as the closure of schools, the restriction of activities in non-essential sectors or the suspension of public events, among others.

Although home confinement has not yet been decreed, the health authorities insist on the practice of distance and social isolation as a measure to avoid infection.

Commercial and charter flights to its airports are also suspended on the island, the departure of foreign tourists and the removal of foreign boats that remained in its waters were ordered.


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