China dismantled 1,082 mafia gangs in 2018

China dismantled 1,082 mafia gangs in 2018

The Chinese authorities claimed to have dismantled 1,082 mafia groups operating in the Asian country since the beginning of the year that ends today, reported the state news agency Xinhua.

The offensive against organized crime launched by Beijing in January 2018 has also caused Chinese security forces to seize 1,620 pistols to date.

The official figures published by Xinhua show that, between January and November, China registered a decrease in crimes in which firearms were used by 27.6% compared to last year, while those committed with the use of explosives and firearms murders were reduced by 29.1% and 6.3%, respectively, compared to 2017.

The campaign also found that there were 11,829 cases in which officials at various levels of the Chinese administration were accused of alleged links with gangs, resulting in "disciplinary or administrative punishment" for 8,288 of them and the bringing to justice of 1,649.

According to Xinhua, the Chinese anti-mafia campaign is scheduled to last two more years.


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