July 12, 2020

China detects 19 new cases of coronavirus, 7 of them in the capital

The Chinese National Health Commission reported today that new cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus detected on Monday in the Asian country totaled 19, of which 7 were diagnosed in Beijing, where in recent weeks there has been a regrowth.

On this occasion, however, Beijing did not monopolize all the contagions registered by local transmission of the day, since the eastern city of Shanghai also diagnosed such a case.

In addition, the health authorities recorded 11 new positives from abroad, the so-called “imported” cases, which were located in Canton (southeast, 4), Shanghai (east, 3), Sichuán (center, 3) and Gansú (center-north , one).

The 19 total cases represent a slight rebound compared to the 12 on Sunday, while on Saturday 17 were detected.

Likewise, the source detailed that, until last local midnight (16.00 GMT Monday), 9 patients had been discharged and one had been removed from the state of gravity, bringing the total number of active infected in China it is 428, 7 of which are serious.

The National Health Commission did not announce new deaths from COVID-19, so the figure remained at 4,634, among the 83,531 infected diagnosed officially in China since the start of the pandemic, and of whom 78,469 successfully overcome the disease. and they were discharged.

To date, 762,376 close contacts with the infected have been medically monitored, of which 6,809 are still under observation, and of these, 7 would be suspected cases of having infected the virus.

As for the asymptomatic infected, China registered 4 new cases in this latest report, leaving the total number of people in these circumstances under observation at 99.


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