Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

China claims to have achieved "new consensus" in its negotiations with the US

China claims to have achieved "new consensus" in its negotiations with the US

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said that the trade negotiations between Beijing and Washington "have reached new consensus," the state news agency Xinhua reported today.

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In a meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House, Liu said that the negotiating teams of both countries had "held fruitful meetings and reached new consensus on important issues such as the text of the economic and trade agreement," according to the source.

The Chinese vice premier, who leads the negotiating delegation of the Asian country displaced to the US, said that both parties "will continue with the consultations to achieve greater progress in matters of mutual concern in order to conclude the negotiations as soon as possible."

In that same meeting at the White House, Liu transmitted a message from Chinese President Xi Jinping to his counterpart, in which he said that "during the past month substantial new progress has been made" in the aforementioned text of the agreement.

Xi encouraged the two sides to "maintain the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit," according to Xinhua.

For his part, Trump said his team is "very close" to reach a trade agreement with China, and he hopes to know in a month if he can schedule a summit with Xi on US soil to finalize the details of the pact.

"There is a very, very good chance that we will reach an agreement, and it would be good for both countries," Trump said during the aforementioned meeting with Liu.

Since last December, the US and China have negotiated to try to end the trade war that began last year as a result of the protectionist agenda of Trump, who has harshly criticized the Asian giant's trade policies.

Trump warned at the end of last year that, if it did not reach an agreement with China before March 1, it would raise China's import duties of 200 billion dollars from the current 10% to 25%, although the deadline it expanded and trade negotiations have accelerated in recent weeks.

In any case, Trump has already warned that, even if it reaches an agreement with Beijing, it will maintain some tariffs on Chinese products "for a significant period" until it is sure that China will comply with the negotiated.


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