March 5, 2021

Chilean teachers reject the government's proposal and decide to continue the strike

The Chilean professors rejected on Wednesday, the proposal of the Government and they have decided to continue with the unemployment that started last June 3 in demand of wage improvements and in the infrastructures of the public schools.

According to the first count given by the secretary of the Teachers' Association, Darío Vásquez, 50.81%, equivalent to 16,801 votes, agreed to continue with the mobilization.

Meanwhile, 49.18% of teachers voted to stop the mobilization.

"Virtually a technical draw, but for now he wins the option that is to reject what is offered by the Executive," Vásquez explained to journalists who recalled that there are more than 50,000 teachers throughout Chile.

Meanwhile, the president of the College of Teachers, Mario Aguilar, told the press that regardless of the final result "this will be respected."

Aguilar pointed out that until now the difference is minimal, around 1%, so it will be necessary to have all the votes counted to know with certainty whether the teaching strike continues or not.

"This is not decided, this is not a final decision," said Aguilar, but once again stressed that the decision of teachers will be respected.

Aguilar himself had said on Monday night that it is "the moment of retreat" and called on teachers to put an end to the strike that has lasted for more than 30 days after receiving a new proposal from the Ministry of Education.

Through a video posted on Facebook, the head of the professors maintained that although "the answer given by the Government is not completely satisfactory," he admitted that "this movement is difficult to grow more."

The new proposal of the Government does not mention in any way the nursery teachers for whom the teachers also requested a special assignment bonus, a "sensitive" subject that the teachers had already warned that they would not accept.

Teachers also demand the end of a "double evaluation" of their work to which they are subject and that a reform that left History, Physical Education and Arts as elective subjects in the last two years of secondary education be annulled.

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