February 28, 2021

Chilean teachers on strike will vote on the government's new offer on Wednesday

Representatives of Chilean teachers who have been striking for six weeks acknowledged progress in the negotiations on Monday after a new meeting with Education Minister Marcela Cubillos and set a consultation to decide whether to continue the mobilization.

The president of the College of Professors, Mario Aguilar, said at the end of the meeting with the minister that "something more" was advanced in the demands of the union, although they will wait to receive a formal offer from the Government to submit it to consultation before making any determination.

"What I can say is that there is something more than what was before this, something, but we will validate it and consider it official and deliver to the debate and analysis of the teaching staff as soon as it arrives with its corresponding formality" said the leader.

The details of the negotiation with the Government will be subject to review by the entire faculty, which will define the future of the strike in a consultation to be held on Wednesday.

The leader of the teachers valued that the minister agreed to hold the meeting despite the fact that before had made it a condition that teachers deputize the strike, which began on Monday its sixth week.

"They have to learn to respect us, to treat us as what we are, as citizens and not as their employees, which, independently of everything else, is a great achievement of our movement," said Aguilar.

Minister Cubillos was hopeful that teachers accept the proposal of the Executive and can resume classes in all schools affected by unemployment.

"I personally invited the president of the College of Teachers to propose an alternative solution that we hope could lead to terminate this conflict and that 100% of schools can be in class as soon as possible," he said.

The teachers on strike, more than 50,000 in all of Chile according to the calculations of the union, demand to the Government improvements in the working conditions and in the infrastructures of the public schools.

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