Chilean stevedores reject agreement and aggravate the riots in Valparaíso

Chilean stevedores reject agreement and aggravate the riots in Valparaíso

The stevedores eventuales of the Chilean port of Valparaiso rejected today the agreement reached in the night of Tuesday with the Government, which originated that the confrontations in the center of the city sharpened between the demonstrators and the special forces of Carabineros.

"By a large majority, we reject the Executive's latest proposal, therefore we remain paralyzed and now we are moving to generate a national strike," spokesman of mobilized workers Pablo Klimpel said.

The stevedore spokesman warned that he already communicated with workers from other ports to start the national work stoppage during the same afternoon.

This was reported to the press present in the union building, near the central Sotomayor Square, just in front of the port of Valparaiso.

In that building, devastated by the intervention of Carabineros in the night of Monday to Tuesday that was settled with 16 arrests, the workers decided to revoke the principle of agreement that announced yesterday night the holders of the portfolios of Work, Nicolás Mockenberg, and Transport, Gloria Hutt.

From that moment on, the workers concentrated there went down the narrow street Admiral Goñi towards the avenue that gives access to the port to return to resume the protests.

Dozens of workers protesting against the company Von Appen, to whom they demand a salary increase and an improvement in shifts, forced the main gate of the port terminal until it was demolished.

At that time, three water carts, popularly known as "guanacos", one of them sent specially from Santiago, appeared in the place to disperse the crowd, which set up barricades to which they set fire and retreated to the union headquarters of new.

From there, through the narrow access street to the building, they threw stones and everything they had on hand while several police vehicles roamed the vicinity throwing tear gas at discretion.

The same gas that already stung in the throats of the citizens of the coastal city from the first moments of the morning after more than a week of uninterrupted disturbances between workers and security forces.

During the more than three hours that riots last Wednesday, the longshoremen clashed with the Special Forces of Carabineros, even throwing stones and sticks from the roof of the union premises.

The guild has highlighted that it will maintain the protests in the tourist city, located 120 kilometers northwest of Santiago, as long as they do not have an offer that satisfies them and threatened to continue even in the vicinity of Noche Buena and New Year.

Precisely that is one of the most forceful proclamations of the protesters, who have 33 days of unemployment: "If there is no Christmas for the dockworkers, there is no New Year in Valparaiso".


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