March 2, 2021

Chilean senator files a complaint for a diesel spill in Magallanes

Chilean Senator Guido Girardi, president of the Environment Commission of the Upper House, filed a complaint Monday against those responsible for the spill of 40,000 liters of diesel oil near Guarello Island, in the southern region of Magallanes.

The legislator, who came to the Justice Center of the metropolitan region of Santiago to file the complaint, warned that "the authorities are exceeded."

"The situation is a major natural disaster," said Girardi, who added that the authorities are overwhelmed by the spill, caused by an error by the private Pacific Steel Company (CAP).

According to the maritime authorities, the spill occurred in a terminal of the aforementioned company of the island, located about 250 kilometers northwest of Puerto Natales and about 2,200 of Santiago, while a fuel transfer was made on land, next to the coast, which after the spill it slipped into the sea.

Girardi assured journalists "that we can no longer speak of the negligence of a single official", but of a lack of prevention and planning of the companies

In addition, he recalled what happened a few weeks ago with the oil spill at the Essal plant, in the southern region of Los Lagos, which had a week in the city of Osorno and about 200,000 people without water supply.

On that occasion, the cut was due to the fact that more than 1,100 liters of oil were poured into the water, affecting production systems and leaving the city for six consecutive days without the service.

The Chilean Navy reported that it has recovered about 15,000 liters of contaminated water after the spill.

To this was added on Monday an "environmental emergency" for the town of Quinteros, 162 kilometers northwest of Santiago, after a peak of 1,411 micrograms per cubic meter of sulfur dioxide (SO2) was decreed, between 08.00 local ( 12.00 GMT) and 09.00 local time (13.00 GMT) this morning.

For five decades, the towns of Quintero and Puchuncaví, in the Valparaíso region, have been the scene of massive poisoning when the installation of industrial plants in the area began, several of them with use or production of chemicals.

The area hosts a large industrial park, with 17 plants that are designated by the inhabitants as responsible for these episodes, which have been repeated for decades in the area, described by the Greenpeace organization as the Chilean "Chernobyl".

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