Chilean cinema exhibits muscle in the Argentine audiovisual market Ventana Sur

Chilean cinema exhibits muscle in the Argentine audiovisual market Ventana Sur

More than a hundred professionals from the Chilean film industry make up the delegation of the country that will attend the Argentine audiovisual market Ventana Sur, the most important in Latin America, to be held between December 10 and 14 in Buenos Aires.

It is the largest Chilean delegation of the year in international audiovisual markets, which will present in the Argentine capital about 170 films and audiovisual projects, animation and television in the main sections of the meeting.

All the projects are in different stages of development and in search of Latin American and European partners.

Chile will also have a large promotional counter run by CinemaChile, a trademark of the foreign trade agency ProChile.

Ventana Sur was created by the Marché du Film, the Cannes Festival market, and the National Institute of Cinema and Visual Arts of Argentina (INCAA) with the support of Creative Europe, and this year it will celebrate its tenth edition.

The Buenos Aires market receives on average more than 3,000 professionals worldwide, among whom there are around 500 buyers and sellers from the five continents.

Four of the producers that make up the Chilean delegation will reach Ventana Sur thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of their country.

Thus, Leonora González, from Parox, will exhibit the feature film "Evasión" in search of an Argentine, Brazilian or Mexican producer, according to Efe, and the TV series "Árbol muertos", with which he will have meetings with Argentine producers, and "Tristeza", a project for which he will also look for co-producers.

"Ventana Sur is a very interesting platform in Latin America, the cultural proximity to Argentina allows us to find common stories and therefore generate co-productions," said González.

Francisca Barraza, from Funky Films, will assist with the feature films in development "El fantasma", co-production between Chile and Brazil, for which she is also looking for an Argentine co-producer; "El arca del Sur", with which he seeks a Brazilian co-producer; "20 red fish" and "Yungas".

"We are very interested in Chile's relationship with Argentina and Brazil, they would be our two strong partners, and this market is superimportant for positioning in the region, to consolidate contacts and to be exported to the continental level," Barraza told Efe.

Meanwhile, Yennifer Fasciani, from Niebla Producciones, will present the co-production with Japan "Green Grass" and the feature film "Perros sin cola", for which it will look for a sales agent and the possibility of an international premiere in 2019; and the animation project "Pianola para todos", for which he will try to find an Ibero-American corproductor.

For its part, Acuña will promote the television series "Almonacid" and the film in development "Campoamor".

These four professionals will be joined by about 90 independent producers, thus forming a diverse and large delegation, which will have the support of ProChile in the field.

In one of the main sections of Ventana Sur, "Primer corte", which supports the completion of Latin American fiction feature films in the post-production stage, the Chilean film "Parío y Criao" will be screened.

On the other hand, four Chilean films will be presented in the "Blood Window" section, specializing in fantasy genre films.

These films will be: "28", "The building", "The Condenada" and "Shadowplay".

In the section "Films in Progress", dedicated to high-quality Latin American films in the post-production stage, the LGBTQ + drama "La Nave del Olvido" and the fictional drama "The Last Frontier" will be present.

The Chilean animation will also be present in "Animation!", With the series "Black Sunday: Nexus" and the projects "Pandilla Tracking", "The fantastic trips of Ruka", "Alex & Mr. B", "Caminos Azules" and "Pianola for everyone".

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Ventana Sur, together with the San Sebastian Festival, launched "Proyecta", a new collaboration platform to promote co-productions with and within Latin America.

Of the selected tapes in development, two are Chilean co-productions: "1976" (Chile-Italy), and "Dúo" (Argentina-Chile-France-Spain).

Ventana Sur also organizes more than 150 market projections of Latin American and European films at Cinemark Puerto Madero, where six Chilean films will be shown.

Another relevant instance for the promotion of Chilean cinema will be the "Video Librería", a platform with exclusive access for programmers of international festivals, distributors and sales agents, in which 14 recent Chilean films will be available.


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