February 28, 2021

Chile will deploy militaries in its borders to fight against drug trafficking

The Chilean Armed Forces will be able to collaborate from now on with the police institutions in the fight against drug trafficking, especially in the border areas, following a decree signed during this day by President Sebastián Piñera.

The president stressed that the opinion is signed "to increase strength, effectiveness in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime, implacable enemies who do not respect anything and anyone."

Piñera explained that the initiative allows to delegate to the Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina, the responsibility of directing and controlling the operations of the Armed Forces. in the borders.

"Our Armed Forces are polyvalent, ready to defend our sovereignty in times of war, but also to collaborate in times of peace, this decree allows them to contribute their skills in the fight against drug trafficking, organized crime and to better protect our borders. ", emphasized the president.

Piñera explained that the decree limits the activities of the Armed Forces "to what is related to drug trafficking and organized crime" and not to other tasks that are carried out in the territorial perimeter of the South American country.

In addition, the manifesto establishes that the collaboration of the Chilean Armed Forces will be basically in terms of surveillance, logistical support, transportation and technology so that, together with Carabineros de Chile "they can exercise better control and give more security to our borders. "

"This collaboration will be limited to certain functions, in certain places and for a certain period of time," he added.

In this regard, the Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina, said that the president "has specifically asked us to organize the way we can materialize this collaboration in transportation, logistics and electronic media and communications, to that is limited to have all the State within the law fighting against drug trafficking. "

Asked if the mandate of the head of state implies that military personnel can detain people or take other measures, Espina replied that "there is no change with respect to the current legislation in this matter, the function of public order is of Carabineros and (the Investigation police".

"The work of the Armed Forces is to safeguard the foreign security of the country and to collaborate and make available to the police authorities our collaboration to be more effective by the means we have available, for everything that is logistics, technology, electronic media ", emphasized Espina.

Meanwhile, President Piñera pointed out that drug trafficking and organized crime is an enemy that must be fought without truce, without barracks, without giving him any advantage and using all available instruments.

"I am convinced that our Armed Forces can make an enormous contribution to better protect our borders, to prevent narcotraffickers and organized crime from entering our borders through drugs that poison our youth or organize acts that often destroy peace and security of our compatriots, "said Piñera.

The northern border of Chile has innumerable border crossings that connect with Peru and Bolivia, many of them irregular, which is where the drug is usually imported into the South American country.

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