March 6, 2021

Chile warns that it does not have "unlimited" capacity to receive foreigners

The Chilean government warned on Sunday that the country does not have an "unlimited" capacity to receive foreigners when referring to the strong increase of Venezuelans trying to enter the territory.

"Is there a limit? Yes, there is definitely a limit, the country does not have an unlimited capacity to receive foreigners, regardless of their nationality, because in addition, it is to deceive them," said Undersecretary of the Interior, Rodrigo Ubilla.

The official added in statements to the newspaper La Tercera that in the end "is inviting them to end up living crowded, in a ghetto", in any part or city of the country and selling any product in the corners.

Ubilla made the remarks a few hours after traveling to the city of Arica, in the extreme north of Chile, bordering Peru, to supervise in the field the unlicensed border crossings where hundreds of Venezuelans were trying to enter.

In this context, the Undersecretary of the Interior explained that the entry of foreigners to the country has "a limit", stating that it is not necessarily numerical, but based on the measures that are adopted.

In this line, he recalled that the idea of ​​coordination among the countries of the region on this matter is reinforced, because, in his opinion, Chile has made a "great effort" in receiving Venezuelan migrants compared to other countries of the Americas. Latina

Ubilla said that the estimate that the Chilean Executive has, if the conditions in Venezuela continue, is that the country could reach 300,000 Venezuelans.

The Undersecretary of the Interior recognized that significant migratory flows can become crisis factors for the countries that receive them.

Chile is the third largest host country for Venezuelans, with 288,200, who have become the largest immigrant community in the country, with 23% of all foreigners.

Venezuela, the country with the largest proven oil reserves on the planet, is going through a pressing crisis that worsened last January, when President Nicolás Maduro swore a new mandate that is not recognized by the opposition and part of the international community and, in response , the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, was proclaimed interim president.

The magnitude of the crisis means that at least 5,000 people leave that country daily, which means that migrants can exceed 7.5 million next year, according to a report presented at the end of June by the Organization of American States ( OAS).

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