Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Chile launches COP25 with "firm and committed will" against climate change

Chile launches COP25 with "firm and committed will" against climate change

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, officially presented on Thursday the celebration at the end of the year in Santiago of the summit on climate change COP25 and asked for that global appointment "stronger will, much more committed" to comply in favor of the environment .

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In that sense, he urged governments to rush to make decisions to combat climate change in the face of "signs of weakness" that some countries show in this regard.

"There are countries that withdraw from the agreements of the COP, which do not assume truly demanding commitments, there are others that assume them but do not fulfill them, that is what we have to change," Piñera added.

The Chilean leader led the official launch of this international meeting that will take place in the Chilean capital in December at the Palacio de La Moneda, headquarters of the Chilean Executive.

In that sense, Piñera stressed that the presence of 195 countries is expected and the arrival in Santiago of about 25,000 people within the framework of the COP25, so it will be built in the next 8 months an enclosure in the area of ​​Cerrillos, southwest from the capital, which can accommodate the magnitude of the event.

"The realization in December of this year in our country of the COP25 is so important because it is the most important meeting with the greatest capacity to make decisions that we have in humanity to take charge of this problem." It is an extraordinary opportunity that undoubtedly we can not waste, "he added.

Piñera said that the planet has "a long time giving real cries of anguish" and pointed out the responsibility of the human being in global warming.

"That is good news, because if it were not our responsibility we would have nothing to do, precisely because we have caused it, we are the ones who can change the course of history," said the Chilean president.

He also took the opportunity to criticize those who "very lightly and voluntarist declare their skepticism about the causes of this phenomenon" and those who "with great irresponsibility and apathy permanently postpone the action."

"Global warming and climate change continues to take the toll, sea level continues to rise, ocean acidification continues to rise and many species are killed, the melting of our glaciers continues, the extinction of flora and fauna species continues a speed never before known, "said Piñera.

"This summit is going to be a tremendous opportunity for Chile and the world to become aware that time is running out and every day the goals become more urgent and require more ambition and more enforceability. action, "the president said.

He also put Chile as an example of commitment and stressed that the commitments against climate change assumed by the southern country in 2016 when signing the Paris Agreement, with a deadline of 2030, could have been met by the time the COP25 was held. .

"This COP25 summit is undoubtedly a great opportunity to contribute to the whole world taking consciousness that has not yet taken on this matter and we can change the course of history and stop this insane race towards a true collective suicide, as I said Pope Francis, "the president concluded.


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