Chile condemns "intimidating acts of the Maduro dictatorship" against the deputies

The Chilean government condemned on Sunday "the intimidating acts" against Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó and a group of opposition deputies by the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB, militarized police) when they tried to access the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) .

The Chilean Foreign Minister, Teodoro Ribera, lamented the incidents against the "democratically elected deputies", events that occurred while Chavismo elected a new president of the AN inside the chamber.

"We condemn the intimidating acts of the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro against the democratically elected deputies and in full exercise of the AN," said the Foreign Minister through his official account on the social network Twitter.

That brawl began when Guaido, who today sought to be re-elected president of the AN, tried to access the legislative chamber and was repelled by the members of the GNB.

He then tried to climb a fence that gives access to the hemicycle but the agents prevented him with the shields.

Later, when the Chavista deputies and a small group of opponents had elected as president the parliamentarian Luis Parra, former member of the First Justice party, Guaidó tried again to enter the Legislative Palace and the members of the GNB pushed him out with his shields.

"Boycotting the election of the board of directors is a desperate attempt to end the last democratic stronghold in Venezuela," added the Chilean foreign minister.

During the fray, Guaidó also hit the shields of the guards as well as several deputies.

According to the opponent, until today president of the AN, for the election of the new directive of the chamber it was necessary "the complicity of pseudo-deputies", like Parra himself, labeled as corrupt by a good part of the opposition.

The Chilean Government of Sebastián Piñera recognizes Guaidó, as well as about 50 more countries, as president of Venezuela since the elections in the South American country at the beginning of 2019, when he himself announced that he assumed the responsibilities of the Executive when he described the victory as fraud Maduro at the polls.


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