Child's Draw 2019 | El Nio leaves more than one million euros in three offices in Gran Canaria – La Provincia

Child's Draw 2019 | El Nio leaves more than one million euros in three offices in Gran Canaria - La Provincia

The fortune was not entirely dscola in Gran Canaria, since the extraordinary draw of the Nio leaves more than one million euros in the three administrations-two of the capital and one in Teror, but being sold by machine is considered that of the Parque Atlntico, the office of lotteries on Tenerife Street has distributed another sheet. If so, there will be more than 1.5 million who leave this draw, without counting another 75,000 euros in a Tas bookstore, in Lanzarote

The second prize of the Extraordinary Drawing of the Child recalls Gran Canaria for the second consecutive year and with a higher amount than 12 months ago. Although the tenths sold have yet to be confirmed, from the provincial delegation of the state lottery agency of the State, the Onlae, it is estimated that the total amount can amount to more than one million euros.

At the moment, from Lotteries it is confirmed that in the commercial center of Atlantic Park, in the capital's neighborhood of the Fair, a complete sheet of the number 61776 has been sold, the second prize in the draw and widely distributed throughout Spain. In the Canary Islands, Teror, another capital administration of the Tenerife street, a bookstore in Aunts and then on the islands of Tenerife, La Palma and La Gomera, this number has also left lucky bettors.

The doubt that remains is whether the administration of Tenerife Street has sold several tenths or one sheet, as those responsible were waiting for the confirmation of the provincial delegate of the Onlae, Juan Manuel Moragas, to know exactly the money that they have been able to distribute. The reason is that their sale was made by machine and not by the usual tenth paper.

All the regents of the administrations have been taken by surprise the result of the draw and after being notified by Moragas, as it has happened to Mercedes and Enrique, from the office on Tenerife Street, they have left their homes to receive the representatives of the state agency the certificate that accredits them as a graceful administration with the second prize. The route, which starts in the Atlantic Park, will continue later in Teror. In Tías, on the island of Lanzarote, you will be sent by email.

If last year was an administration of Puerto del Carmen, in the municipality of Lanzarote Tías, which gave the highest amount with the sale of a sheet and the corresponding 750,000 euros, this time it was the capital of Gran Canaria that has achieved that important pinch to luck.

In the western province, El Niño plays hard on the island of Tenerife, where the south and capital of the province are fortunate, in addition to San Sebastian de La Gomera and Santa Cruz de La Palma.

The first and third prizes fell entirely in Catalonia. The two million euros to the number 37142 were taken by an administration of Barcelona, ​​while the 250,000 of the third prize, to the number 20148, went to Sabadell.


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