Child in the well, parallel tunnel, the best option

Child in the well, parallel tunnel, the best option

How should the child who has fallen into the well be accessed?

-From the same well is complicated because it forces to uncover the collapse that has occurred. There are machines to recover tools, but it is very dangerous because it would harm the child. You would first have to uncover the landslide and then introduce a camera to know exactly where it is. Without uncovering the area you can not.

When uncovering, is there a risk that it will collapse further?

-It is a consolidated and hard limestone area which means that it must be done with great care because it can cause debris.

Which is the best option?

-Once the well was uncovered and the camera knew the exact place where the child is, the most reasonable option is to make a parallel tunnel, without affecting the well of two or three meters away. Always knowing to what depth it is. In parallel would enter a person with a harness, with a camera and drill. Then you would have to pipe to avoid landslides with a drill and from there take it out.

-How long would it take to make this tunnel?

-Probably about three days.

Could the child have been caught in the middle?

-It's a well of little diameter, but it's a two-year-old …

– Is it normal that it was not sealed?

-I am surprised that a water well has been made with so little diameter, maybe it is the sounding for little flow. It is limestone, which is why it has not been piped, they usually put in a water pump and then abandon them. The regulations require that they be plugged with a sheet metal plate, that they be welded and then fenced.


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