June 13, 2021

Chiki Fabregat and Beatriz Osés, SM El Barco de Vapor and Wide Angle Awards

Madrid, May 6 (EFE) .- “A forest in the air”, by Beatriz Osés, and “El cofre de Nadie”, by Chiki Fabregat, were today the winners of the 43rd edition of the SM El Barco de Vapor Awards and Gran Angular for the best children’s and youth literature book, respectively.

The youth writer Nando López, a member of the jury and winner of the 2020 SM Gran Angular Award, has been in charge of announcing this morning the two winners with these awards endowed with 35,000 euros each, the highest amount in the Spanish-speaking world in its categories.

“A forest in the air” by Beatriz Osés, tells humorously the story of Borja, 12, a boy who is abandoned by his mother and who moves with his father to the hometown of his grandfather, who leaves them of inheritance in life his possessions with one condition, that they help him to reforest a mountain. They both accept the deal reluctantly because neither of them wants to stay in town, let alone work in the fields.


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