Chief of Peruvian Congress holds minister and prosecutor responsible for the flight of a judge

Chief of Peruvian Congress holds minister and prosecutor responsible for the flight of a judge

The president of the Peruvian Congress, Daniel Salaverry, of the Fujimorist Popular Force party, today blamed the Interior Minister and the Prosecutor for the escape to Spain of the dismissed Supreme Judge César Hinostroza, investigated for allegedly leading a large network of corruption in the Judiciary.

"To blame the flight on Congress is another irresponsibility: Congress does not guard airports, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior and, especially, the minister (Mauro Medina)," Salaverry told Channel N television.

Salaverry rejected, in that way, the accusations of several legislators that the board of directors of Congress would also have responsibility in the flight of Hinostroza because the administrative personnel took 12 days to send the file of dismissal of the magistrate to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

"After the constitutional complaint made by the Congress on October 4 and the resolution published on October 6, it was up to the Prosecutor's Office to request his preliminary detention," said the Fujimorista congressman.

For this reason, he announced that today an emergency meeting of the Board of Spokesmen of the Congress will take place to propose a summons to the Congress to both the Minister of the Interior. Mauro Medina, like the attorney general, Pedro Chávarry.

Salaverry also assured that the Congress already complied with sanctioning the persons responsible for the delay in sending the Hinostroza file to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

"They have already been sanctioned, they have already been removed from their positions, and if responsibilities are found I will arrange for the public prosecutor to make the criminal complaints," he added.

Hinostroza, who presided over the Second Transitory Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, was the most senior judge in "Los collos blancos del puerto", the name of a group of high magistrates who were part of a presumed network of influence peddling, favors and prevarication that also involved politicians and entrepreneurs.


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