Chicote's wife explains how television has changed them: "Now he doesn't do things he did before."

Alberto Chicote's wife in 'Palo y astilla'.

Alberto Chicote's wife in 'Palo y astilla'.
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The last installment of 'Palo y astilla' was starred by Alberto Chicote, who did a review together with Mamen Mendizábal of his childhood, his family, his present and his future. The laSexta program allowed us to know the most intimate side of the television chef, as well as his wife, Inma, who works as head of the room in Yakitoro, her tavern.

The cook's partner spoke about their relationship sharing a workplace: "I've been working with him for a long time and we've never had a problemMaybe because we are very similar in the way we think about work, "he explained.

The presenter of the program wanted to know how the change in the life of the cook has been: "It has changed him because he has much less time, we do much less things than we did before. Today a new program started, for example, and last night he did not sleep . Those things influence the mood, the fatigue ... ", Inma assured.

"You also change your habits because before nobody knew him, he went in, he went out, he did many things and now he does not do things that he used to do, such as going to the campsite and the swimming pool, "he commented between laughs. For his part, Chicote also reflected on the fact of working with his wife:" I think it is It's more difficult for relationships to fall apart precisely when you don't see the person you want to share the rest of your days with. "

The program also spoke with Angelina and José María, Chicote's parents, who defined him thus: "He is wonderful, very affectionate and sensitive." "People think that that bad grape that appears on TV is Alberto, but not", expressed the parents of the cook.


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