Chichon spent 12,484 euros on the reform of his office at the OFGC

The invoices for this renewal are part of the documents, related to Chichon and the OFGC, which are scrutinized at the Cabildo. Not only because of the price paid to set up an office, but also because of a series of legal doubts raised by the decision taken by the British teacher - taken when the OFGC Foundation did not have the figure of a manager.

Several voices, within the cultural institution itself, have warned the Cabildo that Chichon does not have contractual powers to have an office at the OFGC headquarters –no secretary–, since its contract is for service and not for senior management –as point out the legal services of the island corporation.

In the renovation of the studio, he paid 4,617 euros for two tables, 10 chairs and an auxiliary piece of furniture


The 12,484.14 euros disbursed by the public entity for the reform of the London director are divided into eight concepts. In that list stands out a vinyl, six meters wide and 2.80 meters high, located on one of the office walls and composed of an image of Chichon himself. The breakdown of that invoice details, for example, that the framing of the photo cost 76.40 euros, its digital printing 340 euros and the labor - two operators during a Saturday day - 670.

Chairs at 182 euros per unit

Among the equipment acquired to remodel the unit, the most expensive element was a set consisting of a table and several chairs. The OFGC Foundation paid 4,617.05 euros. For a meeting table, 3.20 meters long and 1.20 wide with an aluminum-colored structure, 1,876 euros were paid. An auxiliary piece of furniture cost 358 euros and 1,820 euros were paid for ten chairs. The service for the office was completed with a coffee table, which had a price of 261 euros.

Chichon, to recompose his study at the OFGC headquarters –located around the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium–, chose two armchairs –both made of deerskin–. For one, the Foundation paid 1,999 euros and for a second unit the agreed price reached 771.89 euros.

In the work, it was also decided to renovate the floor of the room, a change for which two invoices for pallets were settled for 1,319.36 and 1,362.15 euros. For this specific detail, 123 square meters were covered with laminated material, the office doors were lowered, material was purchased for about a thousand euros and 281.44 euros were paid for labor.

For two deerskin armchairs, the public entity paid 2,770 euros


With the institution embroiled in controversy over the internal conflict unleashed between its artistic director and head, Karel Mark Chichon, and its main executive positions, Christian Roig –manager– and Isabel Turienzo –production manager–, who have filed two complaints of harassment work, the OFGC resumes today its schedule of recitals.

At 8:00 p.m., in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, Concert 7 of the 2020-2021 season will be held. The evening will star the violinist Augustin Hadelich, who will make his debut with the OFGC under the direction of Chichon himself.

The Brahms Violin Concerto is the work chosen for the presentation of the young soloist of German parents and an American citizen. He will play on his violin Leduc, ex Szeryng, by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, from 1744.

The work, composed in 1878, highlights the opposition between the soloist and the orchestral ensemble, who measure their strength in a powerful discourse that does not shy away from the lyricism or the playful sense that the gypsy dances provide.

Chichon will open tonight's program with the Prelude and Death of Love from the opera Tristan and Isolde by the German composer Richard Wagner.

Investigation for a complaint

The Fundación de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria has opened an investigation into the complaint that Isabel Turienzo, head of production of the cultural institution, filed in June against Karel Mark Chichon, artistic director and head of the training, for workplace harassment. It is the only demand, at the moment, that the Cabildo entity examines, despite the fact that Christian Roig -manager of the Foundation- has also denounced the British teacher for the same reason. From the Cabildo, to argue the difference in criteria, it is detailed that Turienzo, before going to court, filed the complaint about Chichon's behavior in the Foundation's registry, while Roig has gone directly to the Social Court of Las Palmas and has not filed the complaint internally. | MA


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