Chicho: "I was not aware of what we were doing" | Culture

Chicho: "I was not aware of what we were doing" | Culture

"For those who did not go to film schools, Chicho He has been the best teacher. " Javier Fesser he is the favorite with his Champions in the main categories of the next edition of the Goya, They will celebrate their 33rd edition in Seville on February 2. But on Monday night, at the party of the nominees, the filmmaker was one of the legion of admirers who surrounded the delivery of the Goya de Honor to Narciso Ibáñez Serrador (Montevideo, 1935).

Enough of the guilt of this recognition has it J. A. Bayona, that in the meeting at the Teatro Real gave the award to the director of The residence (1970) and Who can kill a child? (1974), said that in recent weeks has reviewed the complete work and that was why it was clear: "In that work what there was pure cinema." And he confessed: "He traumatized me as a child and it has gone very well". Another candidate, Isaki Lacuesta, what with Between two waters He has come for the first time to the awards of the Spanish Film Academy after a long career that includes two Golden Shells, he said: "I grew up with his television, and as a spectator we did not realize that talent. There was a moment that Chico surrounded us everywhere: in the most commercial and popular television, in the independent and in the most audiovisual underground". Lacuesta finished off with a blunt phrase: "What we took for normal in those television times, it was really extraordinary".

The aforementioned, delicate health and wheelchair, went to the Real accompanied by his children Alejandro and Pepita: "I feel very proud to be with me today." He spoke little, but gave him time to thank the compliments of directors like Rodrigo Sorogoyen, present thanks to The kingdom and his 13 candidacies, which he described as a "referent": "I am very excited and happy with the recognition, and I hope that my work has served as a stepping stone for the following generations". About his vast work, the director of Stories for not sleeping or One, two, three … answer again He explained: "I always refused to be a teacher, it seemed excessive. I was not aware of what we were doing … probably because with work I was tired. " And that in the background he fought "for always doing something different" to the prevailing television. "Even today I think of new ideas."

Family photo of the candidates distributed by the Academy.enlarge photo
Family photo of the candidates distributed by the Academy.

Before the passage of Ibáñez Serrador, almost all the candidates passed through the red carpet, from veterans such as Jose Coronado to the novice directors: in this edition there are three filmmakers in the quartet that composes this category: "At last we listen to the 50% of the voices that were being lost ", pointed out Arantxa Echevarria, director of Carmen and Lola. "If I win a Goya, I want to dedicate it to VOX and its followers, to see if they dare to see my movie, a movie of gypsies, women and girls, maybe they will brain short and rethink something. they will have to fight because the acquired rights can disappear if we are not careful ", he predicted. Or Laura Pedro, who could become the first special effects team supervisor to win the Goya in her section, thanks to Superlopez: "There are many compañeras in this work, although in supervision, of course, we are not that many".

And among all of them, two doubly nervous teams: Sorogoyen, with his short Mother (Goya last year) and Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar, documentary directors The silence of others, They are still in the Oscar race of their respective categories. The three were defined as very "upset" before the reading of the nominations on Tuesday 22 to the Hollywood awards. Ibáñez Serrador, idolized by filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, would have also had a place there.


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