«Chiara», the virtual Cicero that will help you to speak in public

«Chiara», the virtual Cicero that will help you to speak in public


Speaking in public is never easy, nor for a senior executive or even for an information professional, as it requires a lot of training and preparation. In the world of acting, there is a saying that ensures that the best improvisation is the most prepared. To facilitate this learning was born in February of last year «Chiara», an online tool that allows us to polish the way we express ourselves publicly. All this, through virtual reality and specific glasses, that allow simulating real situations. In return the student will receive «Objective and measurable feedback», in the words of the founder and CEO of «Chiara», Soraya del Portillo. In addition to having the help of a human tutor, to solve the doubts.

In figures, «Chiara» can give almost 2,000 tips different result of analyzing the audio of each presentation, to measure variables such as the words per minute or the seconds that we look at the audience that listens to our speech. «Since they started talking in public with Chiara, there is an 18.9% improvement », says this entrepreneur. All this in front of an almost real audience. Companies such as Acciona, BBVA, ING, Cepsa or the same Agency Efe have placed their glasses.

In Portillo's opinion, «To improve the skills in public you have to practice» and traditional face-to-face training is not enough. Precisely, this is the problem that was proposed to solve with this tool a distant day of July 2015. "We did not improve the skills enough and we just did not have time", regrets this entrepreneur. Only in the development of «Chiara» has invested around half a million euros, with a co-financing of 150,000 euros of the CDTI. A disbursement that at the end of 2018, has ensured the creator of this tool, have already recovered in the form of sale to companies and, more recently, to individuals. The English version will be ready in February, for which the taglines and inflections of British English have been adapted. «Now any alumni can buy new scenarios, extensions … », has added.

Expansion to Latin America

In this line, the CEO of "Chiara" has warned that "prepares new features that will revolutionize the world of skills training »and, for this, they have submitted their candidacy for the European aid« Horizontes 2020 ». For now, Portillo is ready to export its improved platform to five Latin American countries as Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador. However, they have also shown their interest in this tool in Brazil or United Kingdom, where he will participate next week in the Beast of Education «Bett Show». Soon he could open new offices on Mexican soil with a local partner.

All this, with three people on staff and the help of an external team of Spanish and Colombian engineers or programmers. In addition to the collaboration of the Phonetics Laboratory of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and Uned. «We are very open to add value to the product, to those people who give value from their specialty, "said Portillo who announces the incorporation of two people for the most pedagogical area or a product manager, among other positions. «Speaking in public is the greatest lack of Spanish, and part of the fault is our education », says the creator of« Chiara ».


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