Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

Chestnut to Riqui Puig

I haven't read such a football text for a long time. Not a chestnut so argued, between fatherly and arrabalera. I am referring to the open letter that an expromesa of RCD Espanyol, Jacinto Elá, dedicates to Riqui Puig, pearl of the Barça quarry who does not like – of course – the kicks distributed in Second B, as if it were already seen in the top of the posters (as in the Je m’voyais déjà by Charles Aznavour on the naive and excessive ambitions of a provincial singer who arrives at Paris with 18 years).

Elá advises humility, prudence and sacrifices to Riqui Puig. "I've heard you say that Second B‘ is a passing category. " You can't imagine the amount of players, as good as you, who found their roof in Second B when they aspired to the fullest. ” One of the great mysteries of football is the selection process. Football is a crushing machine that, almost miraculously, a few survive on condition that they have a strong support in the beginning. Without Guardiola, neither Busquets nor Pedro would have reached the top so soon.

An expromesa advises Puig, second ideal son-in-law of Barcelona, ​​not to complain about playing in Second B

Of all my experiences in modest football, the one that struck me the most happened in the Osasuna Promises – the reddish subsidiary. There was an undisputed power station – I was the undisputed substitute. One day he was summoned for the first team. There was plenty of confidence, football and a certain arrogance. He played the first half in the Columbian against Recre and the coach changed it at the break. He could no longer by regulation return to the subsidiary and was not summoned again with the first team. It seemed an operation made to sink him.

And they sank him.

Riqui Puig has football and colorful. He likes the press and is the next son-in-law of Barcelona after Sergi Roberto. It is logical that he aspires to Barça but it is wrong to say that his is not the Second B because he is despising all the teammates who, like him, trust in a better future. “From there you have to get the football (and your representative),” recalls Elá. And a coach! We will agree that Valverde has other priorities. An assignment? Well, well, yes … But kicks, remember, give them in all categories and more when someone complains about them. I don't remember the first Messi ever complaining about the kicks he received or the intimidation. If he wanted to be a footballer, he knew – and so he implied on the field – that there would not be enough kicks to overcome his talent. Jacinto Elá concludes: “Opposites don't go for you, they just defend theirs. A lawyer speaks, a sweeper sweeps, a defender kicks. An attacker receives them. It’s just a job. ” And privileged.

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