Chess player Nona Gaprindashvili sues Netflix over Lady’s Gambit

Still from & # 039; Lady's Gambit & # 039 ;.

Still from ‘Lady’s Gambit’.

The legendary Georgian chess player Nona gaprindashvili has sued Netflix for considering that the miniseries “Lady’s Gambit” contains “false information”, for which it demands from the US online series and movies company a compensation of five million dollars, its lawyer told Efe today.

“A court in California accepted the lawsuit, that is, in our opinion, it is the first step towards victory,” said Maya Mtsariashvili. The five times world chess champion Nona Gaprindashvili, 80, “demands respect for her person and that justice be done,” said the lawyer, who explained that, in the miniseries, “they say about her that she never played against men and they also call her a” Russian chess player.

But the truth, he said, is that in 1968, when the action of the miniseries takes place, Gaprindashvili “He competed against nearly 60 men, including 10 grandmasters.” “This will be an unprecedented (judicial) process; a chess legend against a large media corporation, and we believe in victory, “said Mtsariashvili, who was previously a Tbilisi prosecutor and now represents the Georgian law firm BLB.

The lawyer believes that “the process will begin soon”, because Netflix must present its position in court. “So far it is only known that Netflix is ​​prepared to challenge Nona Gaprindashvili’s complaint in court”, Mtsariashvili said.

The interests of the chess player, in addition to those of Georgia, will also be defended by American lawyers. The lawyer said that before filing the lawsuit, Netflix was asked “first to change the episode of the series and to apologize to Nona Gaprindashvili.” “We negotiated for a long time, but in the end Netflix refused, so a lawsuit was filed,” explained. Gaprindashvili herself told Efe that she prefers not to comment on the matter “on the recommendation of the lawyers,” but that she believes “in the success of the trial.”


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