September 24, 2020

Chess goes to the virtual world and reaches the Hiperdino Canary League – La Provincia

The Canary League of eSports Hiperdino arrives with a great novelty: chess. Registration for this competition is open since yesterday with the board and the pieces on-line to be played on July 20, from 8 to 9 pm. Interested people can sign up now on the Liga Canaria eSports Hiperdino website.

In the tournament, players will have one hour to play as many games as possible and score points in each game. To start with, wins are worth two points, tables are one point and losses are without points. Also, after several wins in a row, there are different streaks of points. The initial time of the clock will be three minutes, without increments and with the mode bersek activated. When a player presses the button berserk At the beginning of a game, he loses half his time, but victory is worth an additional point.

If the player wins two games in a row, a double scoring streak will begin, represented by a flame icon. Thereafter, and as long as you continue to win, each game will be worth double; that is, the victories four points and the tables two points. A loss will still be worth zero.

Chess Online Dino Cup will take place on the Lichess platform, and to participate you have to follow simple steps: register for the tournament on the LCES HiperDino website, create an account in Lichess, join the team of the Liga Canaria Esports and wait for the start of the tournament, which will be broadcast live on José Herrera’s Twitch channel.


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