November 28, 2020

Chenoa and Florentino Fernández will present ‘Happy 2021’, the end of the year special of La 1

Florentino Fernández and Chenoa.

Florentino Fernández and Chenoa.

Singer Chenoa and the comedian and actor Florentino Fernandez will be the masters of ceremonies of ‘Happy 2021!’, The end of the year special of La 1 which will feature “about 70 performances”, RTVE confirmed in a statement.

RTVE has announced that it is already preparing the Christmas program for this 2020 and within that programming highlights the special end of the year of La 1, ‘Happy 2021!’, Which on this occasion will be presented by Chenoa and Florentino Fernández.

With about 70 performances and the participation of “the best artists in our country”, ‘Happy 2021!’, which will be broadcast before and after the Chimes, will be a program, as RTVE has advanced in its note, “full of music, humor and magic”.

‘Happy 2021!’ joins other programs that RTVE is already preparing to enjoy with the family from home these parties such as musical specials by Vanesa Martín, Pablo Alborán and Raphael or ‘Telepasión’, with Flo, Alaska and La Terremoto de Alcorcón, among others.

Along with this, RTVE has confirmed that, within that programming by the end of the year, it will broadcast, once again, the ‘Innocent Innocent Gala’, the humor of Jose Mota and, the novelty, a new edition of ‘MasterChef Junior’.


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